American roulette wheel and specialties of the roulette

Playing the roulette is a very popular form of gambling, which can employ various strategies including the ones that are based on math calculations and probability formulas. The American roulette differs substantially compare to the European roulette in virtually every aspect.

The major differences are only visible to these who play strong attention to the details but the game play remains almost the same. Consequentially, when players challenge their luck at the roulette wheel, American version gives greater advantage to the casino.

The above mentioned fact has to be taken to the account at all times and particularly when probability patterns are implemented. This is due to the difference in sequences and higher percentage advantage that is given to the casino. The differences can be defined in the features that the American roulette has and therefore it will be listed below.

Meanwhile, it is important to point out that table layout is also different due to the difference in features and it also will have to be considered when playing the American roulette.

Features of this version of the roulette

American roulette wheel has different numbers sequence and this is the major difference that is noticed immediately when a player firs looks at it. The actual sequence is not the only difference that is noticeable because the wheel layout is characterized by existence of the 00 green slot in addition to the traditional zero. In terms of best it does not make any difference but it changes the whole gameplay and increases the advantage to the casino.

Here is the list of all features of American roulette:

  • It has two zero slots marked as 0 and 00
  • The overall numbers sequence is completely different
  • Table layout is also slightly different due to second zero slot and different number configuration
  • Casino has the advantage of 5.26 percent, whereas in European roulette it is amounted to 2.70 percent
  • American roulette wheel layout is different
  • American roulette has 38 pockets instead of 37 on European
  • The odds of winning in American roulette are lower and amounted to 1 to38

Best American roulette slots

When it comes to challenging luck at the American roulette wheel it is always better to have some practice first hence playing at simulator is very useful. This is also one of the major characteristics for the best slots that individuals can play in because having practice in the unfamiliar territory and getting the estimates for chances is very important. The best slots are often referred to online casinos that can provide such slots.

The best slots also would the following:

  • Welcome packages
  • Matching bonuses
  • Special offers
  • Promotions
  • Great choice of payment methods
  • Fast money withdrawal

During the practice a player will always be able to develop right American roulette wheel strategy and employ the strategy in real gambling environment. The following casinos can provide some free practice and offer the best slots that can be found on the web:

  • Sloty Casino
  • Sprint Casino
  • Vegas Casino
  • Vegas Hero
  • Genesis Casino

The above mentioned online gambling resources are not the only ones but will certainly fulfill the needs almost every player.

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