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If you’re lucky, you can make a fortune in gambling. But from another point of view, casinos are designed to make money, not to give it away. All gambling games, whether roulette, blackjack or slots, are designed so that the probability of losing is always greater than the probability of winning.

Of course, no one is going to play a game where out of ten bets you get nine losses. But in any game, there will be more losses than gains.

Thus, no casino game will profit you over the distance if you play honestly and correctly. It begs the question: why do players keep betting, knowing that they will end up losing?

Psychologists have discovered that casino gambling is an elaborate psychological trap, from the rules of the games to the layout of the gambling establishments. Everything is designed in such a way that players are constantly getting psychological “rewards” and do not quit the game, even if they lose money.

And oriental casinos are built according to all the rules of feng shui, where every detail has a hidden meaning.

Macau Lisboa

Let us take the famous Macau Lisboa Casino, which is called the triumph of feng shui. Guess in whose favor feng shui works, if even the slogan of this casino reads:

“You can’t win at gambling, small bets can be enjoyable. Come play in your spare time to have fun.”

casino psychology

Both the old Lisboa Hotel casino building, built in 1971, and the new Grand Lisboa building, which opened in 2007, were built with the advice of feng shui masters, who have received fantastic fees for their work.

  • The exterior of the Lisboa Hotel resembles a birdcage – meaning that every player who enters the casino is like a bird in a cage.
  • The fresco on the ceiling of the lobby depicts a ship sailing on the waves with sails blown by the wind. This means that the players, upon entering the casino, surrender themselves to the elements – the wind and the waves.
  • In general, the lobbies of both Lisboa buildings are magnificently designed and full of paintings, sculptures, jade and other works of art that Stanley Ho has collected over the years. And while the Lisboa Hotel probably has twice as many exhibits, the lobby of the Grand Lisboa displays the Star of Stanley Ho. It is the world’s largest D-color diamond at 218.08 carats and ranks sixth among all “clear water” diamonds. And it is, according to feng shui, a symbol of success and the embodiment of timeless quality.
  • In addition, in the lobby of the Grand Lisboa there are other symbols of success – a huge pearl vase in the form of a fountain, a golden dragon and a golden ship loaded with gold.
  • The new building of the Grand Lisboa, which was built in the year, evokes different associations for different people, but all of them work for the financial success of the casino. For some, the sight of the building conjures up associations with a bat hanging upside down – that is, an animal sucking blood – which means the building sucks money from casino customers. To others, the building resembles a lotus flower emerging from an egg. SJM itself thinks that the base of the building looks like a Fabergé egg, and the top is like the feathers on the heads of Brazilian dancers. Either way, the associations are all about luxury and wealth.
  • Both buildings are built so that they have access to the water of the bay. This is no coincidence either, because in Cantonese the word “water” has a second meaning, “money”.

Light, color, smell and other psychological tricks of the casino

The gambling industry has always used various methods to induce people to participate in gambling. For this reason, they have invested heavily in research on human psychology, which plays an important role in gambling marketing. Players should continue to gamble even if they lose money.

Dr. Mark Griffiths – Professor of Gambling Studies, Psychology Division Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK , has spent nearly thirty years studying addictive behavior, with a particular focus on gambling addiction.

He studied many of the mysteries of casinos and found that most gambling establishments try to fill their internal space with slot machines, because this is the most profitable gambling process.

The restaurant in a casino is usually located in the middle or back of the interior space, so players must cross the gaming area before and after eating. For the same purpose, casinos also intentionally create winding lanes to prolong the guests’ stay in the gaming area and get them to place more bets.

Dr. Griffiths recalls attending a concert at the MGM Arena in Vegas. On his way to the venue, he walked past thousands of slot machines and gaming tables. After the concert ended, he had to walk past them all again.

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