Why free roulette is so popular

The best free Roulette to play

Today free Roulette is becoming popular, which completely copies the principle of playing in real casinos. But its peculiarity is that there is no dealer, and the roulette wheel starts to rotate after bets using a special algorithm. She works with a random number generator, so all her results are random.

In addition, it’s possible to play online Roulette free and without registration. Thus, the player will study it without spending capital.


Play Roulette for free without zero. There is no sector “0” in it, which is a prerequisite for the classic type of game. It is believed that this roulette is the most winning.

European from Netent. One of the most popular types with a large comfortable table and a variety of variations for receiving winnings. In many ways resembles a classic French roulette.

American Its feature in another sector is “00”.

French Roulette online free. This is the progenitor of all roulettes, copies the classical principles of the game, has a sector with zero.

VIP roulette. An interesting version of the European type, in which bets are made at high odds. At the same time, the gaming machine pays higher wins.

Rules of free online Roulette

  1. To get a win, the player needs to bet on real or virtual money. Each slot has its own betting option. For example, in European roulette the player can bet on a specific number, group of numbers, sector, color, paired or unpaired.
  2. The player can bet as many chips as the player wants on the desired sectors. But it is important to observe the limits that are set by the online casino itself.
  3. Next, the wheel starts, in which the ball spins.
  4. When the rotation ends, the results are calculated according to which sector the ball stopped in. In case of a win, money is credited to the player.
  5. In some slots there is such a thing as “idle rotation”. They mean that users can skip multiple spins without making bets. This is especially interesting if the player wants to apply certain strategies for games.

Roulette in an online casino works with a random number generator, so the probability of winning is the same for each player.

How to play – for free or for money?

Roulette online is not only available for cash games. It can be run without attachments. The demo version of the machine will allow to carefully study it, apply strategies and choose the best version of the game.

Just draw pro spin and try own luck.

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